Stump mic banter leaves Warnie speechless

Tim Paine and Matthew Wade have provided an entertaining sequel to the Shane Warne/Andrew Symonds hot mic gaffe involving Australian batsman Marnus Labuschagne.

Warne and Symonds were caught mocking Labuschagne's eccentricities while preparing to commentate a Big Bash League game earlier in the week.

Kayo Sports apologised for streaming the pre-game vision that was not supposed to air, while Warne and Symonds have remained publicly silent on that matter.

Warne, Symonds' X-rated spray for Marnus

But Australia captain Paine and fieldsman Wade had some fun with it as Fox Sports turned on the stump mic during a Nathan Lyon over on day four of the SCG Test.

"When you're 100 Tests in and I'm commentating, it's going to be exactly the same," Paine told Labuschagne, who was fielding under the helmet alongside Wade.

"I'm going to be sitting with Roy (Symonds) and Warnie, saying the same thing.


Tim Paine.

Labuschagne then laughed at the reference to Symonds' crude comments, in which he jokingly threatened: "mate if you keep that shit up we're going to have to squash your guts out your arse."

Then Wade took up the attack to Labuschagne, as Warne listened on silently in the commentary box.

Matthew Wade.

"I'll be coaching in 10 years, you'll be playing and I'll be saying 'if you'd have just taken Warnie and Roy's advice, back at the start, we wouldn't be in this situation."

"Stump mic must be on," Labuschagne quipped.

Fox Cricket presenter Mark Howard could then be heard faintly telling his producers to "turn it down."

Warne remained silent as Howard began describing Lyon's bowling.

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