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MyGNF give you this. My global news feed allows you directly post content in the front end. What is the different from other social networks? MyGNF provides you the global wall. It is a live stream wall and wall the content from all user is there. Maybe you like post from just one user, you can make friends with him, add him to the favorites or just filter the content to see post just from this user. And that’s not all ……

Yes. The registration is free and super easy. We are with integrated  facebook (for now) and can join us with you facebook account. Don’t waste your time anymore. Join us

You have a ton a options to post. From the regularly post to personally quiz or just a meme. For now you must find all the option yourself . In the future there will be a help page for the every option.

My global news feed also give you the option to add friend and communicate  with each other. You can send a messages and in the future there will be a direct chat.

Remember when i say “Be the first to join MyGNF” .If you join now you can create groups and you will be the owner of this group. You can make it private or public .

Last but not least is the point system. You can win point and become a partner of this site. Look at the point system. The rewards will be only for the top members with most point. Soon there will be an article about it.


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